intermittent fasting craze

It’s official.  Fasting is now in again.  It was thousands of years ago and then was silenced after science declared it was not healthy too abstain from food for more than a few hours.

A lot of times this has religious implications as many things that are considered taboo in modern times were well known and practiced by many cultures in the past.  In fact many cultures still practice fasting for many different reasons.

First, abstaining from food is a way of controlling your body.  This is more of a mind over matter technique that can be used to improve your self control.  For example, if you crave sweets every night and decide to just change the type of sweets you eat from say chocolate, to a granola bar.  You will still get the craving, but now it will be for 2 granola bars giving you about the same amount of calories.  However, if you commit to not eating anything after 8:00pm, after a few weeks your body gets used to this new habit and will stop signaling cravings.

Fasting is also away of clearing toxins from your body.  The junk food and nasty things we sometimes eat stay in our system.  By fasting and drinking water our body is forced to get rid of these toxins, putting us in a healthier state.

Now, this is called intermittent fasting for a reason.  You don’t fast for days at a time.  You eat twice a day with several hours in between.  For example once at 11:00am and once at 6:00pm and that’s it.

You can have one cheat day a week if needed.  You can drink water throughout the whole experience without needing to feel bad about it.



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